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Knowledge about inflatable tent

Author:George Date:2010-11-1 20:25:36

1. What is the inflatable toys?
Full use of thin films of tensile force and the pressure difference between inside and outside the film-made toys.
2. Inflatable toys for the children?
Inflatable entertainment products best suited to children aged 3-16 use; while some of the products available for adult entertainment.
3. Children playing these toys are dangerous?
Absolutely no danger, but must play by the rules of normal use. Children can touch the part of the inflatable soft and flexible material, so regardless of collision or fall will not cause harm to children.
4. Production of the materials toys are harmful to health? In particular, whether the impact on children's health?
Inflatable toy is used as film material is polyvinyl chloride products. This is a kind of PVC material, either from the chemical composition of the analysis or the outcome, from years of use, Du Bu Hui in use and contact, pairs of health effects due to, Wanquan use without making concerns.
5. A toy to use for how long?
Equipment used in accordance with the number of calculated. In general, a device can use 10 million or so pay attention to use of the environment and the implementation of the normal operation and maintenance, long service life.
6. If the toy leak, and it can be repaired?
Can be fixed. Bicycle tire repair method is as simple as just using special PVC material viscosity can repair