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Inflatable bumper ball, bumper ball popular games

Author: Date:2012-1-15 17:21:07
inflatable bumper ball is popular bames it still  will show on school, yard, park and anywhere can play games
1.inflatable bumper ball is as physical as the individual makes it and is suitable for anyone from around 6 to adult,The inflatable bumper ball is also called body zorbing it is for all ages and abilities.All year round, indoor & outdoor. The balls get kids and adults active while having a fun, extreme and safe time.
2.inflatable bumper ball Fun games:
Inside the inflatable bumper ball your legs is free so it is to run ,jump,walk,flip and do lots of funs and play lots of games such as inflatable bumper ball Football, Tag, Zorb Sumo, inflatable bumper ball and many more. Or you can just run around solo and try tomaster a forward roll, cartwheel or back flip. It has many ways to play inflatable bumper ball, and it can also play on different locations, like grass, hill, beach, snow, water, desert, etc.
3.inflatable bumper ball introduction:
(1).Material: 0.7MM TPU/0.8MMPVC /0.8TPC
(2).Regular size: 1.8M or1.5M diametere for adults and 1.2m diameter for children
(3).Colour: Various colors, transparent is the most popular color
(4).Accessory: repairing kit, instructions, air pump
(5).There are belts in ball to protect from any hurt, Two rubber handles per ball for you to hold.
4.inflatable bumper ball packing detals
carton for the blowerPackaging Detail: strength PVC tarpaulin bag / nylon bag for the ball , carton for the blower
5.inflatable bumper ball about the selection details
 (1),How to choose the materail and thickness of inflatable bumper ball?
 Answer:TPU  the full name is Thermoplastic Urethane  ,PVC the full name is Polyvinylchlorid .
 (2).what is the difference body zorbing material TPU and PVC  ?
 Answer:(1).PVC FILM will be harden in a low temperature, So PVC body zorbing will be haren under 10 degree,If you  play PVC inflatable bumper ball in cool seasons, the PVC inflatable bumper ball will be easy broken for warm condition, it is ok. TPU FILM Can resisit temperature -40degrees—70degrees.So TPU body zorbing is ok in all seasons.
 (3).PVC FILM smells unpleasant. while the TPU is Odorlessness and non-toxic.(3).TPU FILM is scentless,and with better transparency than PVC FILM.
 (4).PVC FILM is even heavier than TPU FILM  in same size.
 (5).PVC FILM is easy to be broken in low tempeture while TPU FILM is stronger and flexible.
6. what materail is the inflatable bumper ball made in the market ?
 Now Most the inflatable bumper ball is made of 1.0MM,/0.7MM TPU or 1.0MM/0.8MM PVC in the market,and few manufactures  use 0.5MM PVC/TPU. while we do think the thicknees 0.5MM is strong enough for inflatable bumper ball filping.We suggest the TPU0.7MM is the best thicknees for inflatable bumper ball.the weight of TPU1.0MM inflatable bumper ball  is a burdern for the player.
7.inflatable bumper ball original manufacturer Luoyang Sunny Inflatable Factory  is a professional inflatable bumper ball factory  Welcome  to order and warmly welcome to visit our factory!We have our own designer, we can answer your technical question quickly and directly.
inflatable bumper ball will be also popular in the new 2012,the school,the park,the amusement place...
8.inflatable bumper ball end speech
We are based in the Ipswich area and have 6 body bumpers and a safety ring for hire which includes supervisors who will set up equipment, ensure safety at all times and make sure you get the best out of your body bumper experience,please remember the professional inflatable bumper ball manufacturer is Sunny.many thanks,George