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Water walking ball

Water walking ball
Product name:Water walking ball

Walking Water Ball Description
Name: water ball
Item: w-011
Materail: 0.7MM TPU ,0.8MM PVC
weight: 13kg
Size: Diameter:2M
color: red,green,yellow,transperent or customers'size accepted
Accesories: fixing kit(fixing matral and glue),CE approved air pump
Lead time: 5-7 days after receipt  of 45% deposit
Price time: EXW,FOB,CFR are optional
Payment term: T/T or western union (45% deposit, balance before shipment )
Shipment term: by sea,by air,by express are optional
Note: Customers' logos accepted

Storage Rules

1. Always dry the ball before storage

2. Always clean the ball before storage

3. Always store the ball in a dry and cool place

4. Never store the ball wet

5. Never fold the zipper when stored

6. Always lubricate the zipper before storage

7. Always dry the safety ropes and equipment before storage

8. Always check the water walking ball and equipment before and after storage

Product Usage Rules

1. Never use without adult supervision

2. Always test and check product and equipment before use

3. Always lubricate zipper before use

4. Always check safety equipment before use

5. User must be at least 5 years old, and be able to swim

6. User must not weigh more than 80 KG

7. User must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs  o r other stimulus

8. User must not have undergone surgery within the last 6 months

9. Never use in stormy water, or if there are strong currents

1 Material: Material:0.7mmTPU or 0.8mmPVC      

2.Available size : 2mdiameter

2 Packing:

3.Shipment term:

 by sea, by air or by express

4.Payment term:

 T/T (45% deposit,  balance before shipment)


 repairing kit, carriage bag,CE  approved blower

6. Package size: 50cm*40cm*40cm  

5.Weight of air blower:2kgs/pc

6) We also can produce it according to your design, size and color.

WaterBall, water walker, water sphere, water walker ball, Water Walking Ball, Bubble ball and Zorb ball, a huge inflatable transparent water walking ball that can be used on oceans, pools and rivers, basically anywhere there is water. On this page you can find information about Water walking ball, watch pictures and movie clips, and of course purchase your very own Water walking ball.

FAQ More

1.What are the Water balls made of?

2.Is it dangerous?

3.Is there oxygen in the ball?

4.How to get in / out of?

5.How strong/ durable?

6.What happens if the ball punctures?

7.Where can the Water ball be used?

8.Who can use the balls?

1.Is Water ball safe?

Yes, our products have been tested and approved as a public entertainment apparatus by the Technological Institute of Aarhus.

2.What are the Water balls made of?

Our product Water ball is made of a very durable material called TPU/PVC.

3.Is it dangerous?

Water ball is by no means dangerous as long as it is used in compliance with safety rules.

4.Is there oxygen in the ball?

Yes, there is oxygen for 30 minutes with activity in the ball.

One ride usually lasts 7-10 min.

5.How to get in / out of the ball?

You crawl through the zipper opening when the ball is deflated. Then the zipper is closed and the ball is inflated.

When you are on the water, there is always a safety line on the ball which is used to pull the ball into shore.

When the trip is over, the zipper is opened and the guest can exit the ball.

6.How strong/ durable is the ball?

The ball is is made of extremely durable 0.8 mm. TPU/PVC plastic.

You can jump, run and play all you want without damaging the ball, as long as the rules in the user manual has been followed. It is important to always
 Gross weight:






 Maximum players:

 1-2 persons

 Application location:

 water park, swimming pool, lake& seashore


 7-10 days after receipt of 45% deposit


 it?ˉs made with excellent welding machine made in USA which has stable performance

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