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water walking ball

water walking ball
Product name:water walking ball

Walking Water Ball Description
Name: water ball
Item: w-001
Materail: 0.7MM TPU ,0.8MM PVC
weight: 13kg
Size: Diameter:2M
color: red,green,yellow,transperent or customers'size accepted
Accesories: fixing kit(fixing matral and glue),CE approved air pump
Lead time: 5-7 days after receipt  of 45% deposit
Price time: EXW,FOB,CFR are optional
Payment term: T/T or western union (45% deposit, balance before shipment )
Shipment term: by sea,by air,by express are optional
Note: Customers' logos accepted

Water walking ball ,also called WaterBall, water walker, water sphere, water walker ball,  Zorb ball, is a huge inflatable transparent  ball ,The water ball can be used anywhere there is water including, beaches, pools, lakes, rivers.The water ball is inflated with a special pump, when fully inflated the ball contains enough air for 45 minutes of continuous use, but we recommend to always refill the ball with fresh air after 10 minutes of use.The maximum weight allowed in the water ball is 90 KG People suffering of high blood pressure, heart problems, epilepsy or claustrophobia are not recommended to use the water ball nor if you are visibly drunk or affected by drugs.The water ball can be used at very low water level, and 40-50 cm of water is sufficient for the user to have tons of fun.When using the water ball the user should empty their pockets of sharp objects, and remove their shoes before climbing into the water ball.When the water ball is in use the ball is connected to shore with a solid rope, and always under the supervision of either a representative or similar. This way the user can enjoy the fantastic feeling of walking on water.There can only be one person inside the water ball at a time, this is to make sure that the users does not collide and hurt each other

Storage Rules
1. Always dry the ball before storage
2. Always clean the ball before storage
3. Always store the ball in a dry and cool place
4. Never store the ball wet
5. Never fold the zipper when stored
6. Always lubricate the zipper before storage
7. Always dry the safety ropes and equipment before storage
8. Always check the water walking ball and equipment before and after storage

Product Usage Rules
1. Never use without adult supervision
2. Always test and check product and equipment before use
3. Always lubricate zipper before use
4. Always check safety equipment before use
5. User must be at least 5 years old, and be able to swim
6. User must not weigh more than 80 KG
7. User must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other stimulus
8. User must not have undergone surgery within the last 6 months
9. Never use in stormy water, or if there are strong currents

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